Leon: The Professional white on black drawing.

This is a drawing of Leon from the movie Leon the Professional (highly recommend it). Which is now my 3rd white on black drawing, I learnt a lot from this one. White pastel is great when trying to achieve smoother tones such as skin, a lot easier then trying to do so with white pencilsContinue reading “Leon: The Professional white on black drawing.”

Clint Eastwood charcoal drawing

                                             (Click on photo for a larger image) This was a commissioned piece of Clint Eastwood from the film The Good The Bad and the Ugly. Done in charcoal on water colour paper, HadContinue reading “Clint Eastwood charcoal drawing”

Sketchbook drawings

Here’s a collection of drawings from my sketchbook. In which is what im drawing in when im not working on bigger pieces, or when I need to take a break from other projects. I also experiment with other mediums and sketch out ideas in here. http://www.facebook.com/CallumWarrenArt

Joker Series

This was my 2012 VCE studio art final. Which is a series/timeline of each actor that has played the character the joker over the years in Batman films. Each actor played the character in differnt ways in which I tried to capture in my artwork. You can see the videos of them being created inContinue reading “Joker Series”

Johnny Depp Time Lapse video

This was my VCE final for media last year. The subject is Johnny Depp and in the early stages of this piece I was tossing up ideas on how to bridge a time lapse video with stop motion. It was something I was keen to experiment with as I had not seen it done before.Continue reading “Johnny Depp Time Lapse video”

New Website and Latest artwork of Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained!

Firstly Welcome to my new website! Where you will find all of my drawings, artworks and time lapse videos. Here is my latest piece of Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained. This piece was done in charcoal and took around 10 hours to complete.