Breaking bad time lapse video!

  Heres the timelapse video to the breaking bad piece I recently finished. Which crunches about 25 hours of drawing time down to a few minuets! The song is El Paso which was used in the final episode ‘Felina’ of season 5.   Facebook:

Breaking bad drawing!

  Finally finished the breaking bad piece of Walt and Jesse in the heat of things after roughly 25 hours. Black and white charcoal on %50 cotton paper. A lot of detail in this one with the car environment but it was a lot of fun! Timelapse video will be up over the next fewContinue reading “Breaking bad drawing!”

Clint Eastwood charcoal drawing

                                             (Click on photo for a larger image) This was a commissioned piece of Clint Eastwood from the film The Good The Bad and the Ugly. Done in charcoal on water colour paper, HadContinue reading “Clint Eastwood charcoal drawing”