New youtube channel launched and the creation of HeisenHomer

I recently relaunched my time lapse drawing channel! Here is my most recent video.

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I am the one who… knocks?

Homer as Walter White upload2

Fun little Breaking Bad meets Simpsons mashup I have been working on of Homer as Walter white. I’m going to have a few prints of this so shoot me a email if your interested!


Breaking bad time lapse video!


Heres the timelapse video to the breaking bad piece I recently finished. Which crunches about 25 hours of drawing time down to a few minuets! The song is El Paso which was used in the final episode ‘Felina’ of season 5.



Breaking bad drawing!

Breaking bad final drawing


Finally finished the breaking bad piece of Walt and Jesse in the heat of things after roughly 25 hours. Black and white charcoal on %50 cotton paper. A lot of detail in this one with the car environment but it was a lot of fun!

Timelapse video will be up over the next few days, also check out my facebook page!